Hi, I’m Kayleigh, the Creative Director and one half of the brand new Design partnership, Copper and Ash.  I’m here to give you a quick introduction to me and a brief summary of how Copper & Ash has come about. 

My love for being creative has been around for as long as I can remember. I was forever making and building things as a kid, whether it be painting and drawing or making elaborate dens and pulley systems with my brothers. This continued into adolescence and I began University as a Fine Art student, following a year’s foundation course specialising in the subject. I quickly realised it wasn’t for me. I loved the freedom of expression but I needed more structure. I transferred to the Interior Architecture course and had to repeat my first year – at the time I thought I’d taken a huge step back but looking back, it was the best decision I have ever made!

I left University with First Class honours in 2008, eager to get stuck in to my first junior role. Unfortunately, the recession had well and truly hit and it took me two years to land my dream job. Once I did, I hit the ground running and got stuck in – I worked on some fantastic projects with some great people and over the years worked my way up to become a Design Lead. In 2015 I also began gaining some great experience working on smaller, independent retail and residential projects in my spare time.

My daughter Eliya joined us in Spring 2019 and maternity leave naturally encouraged me to change pace and reflect. I loved my job, working for big global brands was a fantastic experience and I learnt a tremendous amount; however, I really loved the personal element of working on the residential and smaller retail projects.

This was the driving force for Copper & Ash. I want to utilise my experience of working on large scale, commercial projects and transfer my skills to help up and coming brands, retailers and residential clients. I’m passionate about creating spaces that deliver on function and look amazing! I want to fly the flag for hard working, independent women, and want my daughter to see me doing it. If I can have a little control over my work/life balance in the process, then that’s the icing on the cake! Many may think I’m naive, but if this year has taught me anything, it’s that nothing is certain…. she who dares n’ all that!

I have wanted to apply my skill-set to residential design for some years now and with a few projects under my belt and three very happy clients, I’m excited about making a difference in people’s day to day lives by creating homes they can be proud of.

One thing I am very confident of, is what we as a business, can deliver.

With all these great reasons to start the business and finding the confidence to believe I can do it,  it doesn’t take away from the fact I finding it daunting. Blog writing and social media are certainly not my forte!  But with time and practice I know I’ll get there.

One thing I am very confident of, is what we as a business, can deliver. We always complete a project with great praise from everyone involved. We can’t wait to meet our new clients, retail and residential, so that we can create spaces they love day in day out. Please get in touch with any queries you may have, we would love to have a chat.